Curriculum for Philosophy
Updated: 2016-08-09
Curriculum for Philosophy(*C-Compulsory   ;O-Optional)
CategoryCourse NameCreditMasterPhDRemarks
     Master ≥12__ credits,
     PhD _≥9_ credits
The Basic Theory of   Philosophy3C
Level1subject   platform courses
Methodology of Scientific Research3
CLevel1subject   platform courses
The Contemporary Academic Trend3
ODoctoral   students must choose one these 3 courses
Contemporary Issues in Historical Research3
Field Work: Theory and Practice3
Cognition and Norm3C
The   Philosophy ofMarxist
Topics on the Principles of Marxist Philosophy3C

Marxist Study in the West3C

Normative Research3
Contemporary Issues in Chinese Philosophy and Religion3C
Chinese   Philosophy and Religion
Literature and Historical Data3C
Chinese   Philosophy and Religion
Confucianism and Buddhism3C
Chinese   philosophy
The General Theory of Religion3C
Confucian Philosophy Study3
CChinese   Philosophy
Topics in Buddhist Philosophy3
Experimental Philosophy3C
Foreign   Philosophy
Western classical philosophy3C

Studies of 20th   Century Western Philosophy3C

Contemporary Epistemology3
CForeign   Philosophy
Mathematical Logic3C
Modal Logic3C

Topics in Logical Philosophy and Logical History3C

Cognitive Logic3
Moral Theory3C
Applied Ethics3C

Topics in Western Moral Philosophy3C

Studies of Chinese Traditional Ethical Thoughts3
The History of Science and Technology3C
Philosophy   of Science and Technology
The Basic Theory of Philosophy of Science and Technology3C

Science and Technology Policy and Management3C

The Original Study of Philosophy of Science and Technology3
Modern Western Aesthetic Studies3C
Topics in Chinese Aesthetic Study3C

Selected Readings of Original Works Of Chinese Aesthetic3C

Modern Aesthetic Study3C

Basic Theory and Methodology of Sinology Research3
     Courses (master students should take at least 4 elective credits in their   corresponding concentration
Guided-reading of   Confucian Classics2OOChinese   Philosophy and Religious Study
Selected readings of ChineseTaoist classics2OO
Selected readings of ChineseBuddhism classics2OO
Political Philosophy of Confucianism2OO
Philosophy of Chinese art2OO
Topics in Zhuzi Study2OO
Institution and Civilization2OO
Intellectual History of Taoism2OO
Introduction to the World Religion2OO
Topics in Modern Western Philosophy2OOForeign philosophy andepistemology
Topics in Phenomenology Philosophy2OO
Wittgenstein 's Philosophy Study2OO
Topics in Analytic Philosophy2OO
Reading and Writing in Anglo-American Philosophy2OO
Issues in Western Philosophy2OO
Readings of Classics in Western Philosophy2OO
Critical thinking and Theoretical innovation2OOLogic and Philosophy of Science andTechnology
Topics in Formal Logic2OO
Foundations of Logic2OO
Informal logic2OO
Sociology of Science2OO
Research Methods of Philosophy2OO
Chinese Traditional Scientificand Technological Thinking2OO
Technological Innovation and Management Study2OO
Western Philosophy of Science2OO
Contemporary Issues of Philosophy of Science and Technology2OO
ValuesNorms and   Language2OOMarxist   philosophy and Ethics
Readings of Classics in Marx's Philosophy2OO
Scientific norms and Technical Norms2OO
Classical Ethics in Germany2OO
Ethical Thoughts in Marxism and Frontline Problems of Ethics2OO
Readings of Classics in Western Moral Theory2OO
Other RequirementsCourses completed during the   master program can be exempted in the doctoral      program. Requirements may vary   according to concentration.