Guo Zhichao
Updated: 2016-08-23


Guo Zhichao's workRecount and explain on the She culuture  won the prize for outstanding achievements by ministry of education.


Recount and explain on the She culuture  

Penetrating into the histrical and cultural textual research ,this work finds the solution of thepanhu totem in the She minority and points out thatdragon-dog is not dog . This discovery dispels the culural dispute beteween the Han people and She minority.With the discovery of  historical materials, this work finds the migration of the She ancestor ,from the west ofHunan(province)to the south and to the east of of Guangdong (province).This discovery settles connection between the She ancestor in the west ofHunan(province)and She minority in the combining area of Fujian ,Guangdong and Jiangxi (province). Tracing back to development of She culutre , This work explains the Han culture is the important reason of the development and prosperous of the She culuture. Tracing back to change of the dress and personal adornment of She minority from ancient to modern times, thie work explains the productive reason about the area type of the dress and personal adornment of She minority.