Yang Guozhen
Updated: 2016-08-23


Yang Guozhen, Lin Tse-hsu’s Biography (Illustrated), The People's University Press, 2010.


        Chinese people have created a brilliant civilization and it still enjoy a high prestige in the worlduntil the middle of the Qing Dynasty. However, it seems an abrupt end after the Opium War. As an minister, Lin Tse-hsu shows a literati’s ethics and contribution when he faced with domestic trouble and foreign invasion. The author of this book have studied of Lin Tse-hsu from his youth, and he still loves in this in seventy years of age. Now, this book has collected almost all relevant literature of Lin Tse-hsu at home and abroad, so it can highlight this insight sages life experience. The book has concise and vivid language, exquisite pictures, and it also make easier for the reader to understanding of the precursor Lin Tse-hsu and that sad national history.