Two students from college of humanities won prizes in the 2016 XMU "Poetry and the Far Afield" Classic Prose and Poetry Recitation
Updated: 2016-10-25

On the evening of October 16, the finals of the 2016 XMU “Poetry and the Far Afield” Classic Prose and Poetry Recitation were held at the Jiannan Auditorium. After rounds of fierce competitions, 16 contestants of varied majors won out and got them into the finals vying for the trophy.

The finals comprise three segments: self-introduction, recitation and knowledge quiz, and poetry rendition by the finalists. Wen Jikai and Hu Fangqi, two freshmen from our college, both garnered third prizes in the end.

The grand contest culminated with the awards ceremony of the Chinese Language and Characters Application Skills Competition Series, during which prizes were given and pictures were taken as a keepsake.

The Chinese Language and Characters Skills Competition Series officially kicked off in July this year with the theme of Poetry and the Far Afield, held by college of humanities. It includes the following series of competitions: Chinese Classic Masterpiece Recitation Competition, Chinese Writing Competition, and Standard Chinese Calligraphy Competition. And it aims to promote and publicize the quintessential culture of China and meanwhile to hone college students’ language skills and refine their literary taste.