Solstice Day Party for International Students of College of Humanities XMU
Updated: 2016-12-23

A heart-warming and unforgettable party, with the theme of warm winter, was held by the College of Humanities, Xiamen University, for international students, in order to celebrate this Solstice Day on the evening of this 21st which attracted 15 international students from Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and South Korea, with teachers and Chinese students from our college.

For enriching the atmosphere of humanities and promoting the communication of international culture, the Graduate Students Union of College of Humanities XMU organized this party. The party began with the speech by Zhu Xiaofang, the college counselor, who made an interesting interpretation of this Chinese traditional day-the Solstice Day-by a Yin-yang symbol with the implication that Yin cannot exit without Yang, at the same time, gave her best wishes to all the international students.

There was a language partner for every international student so that they could communicate with each other one to one and participated in activities together. Every international student introduced the local customs and practices of their own countries, for example, Chen Changxu, from Thailand, introduced the Loi Krathong Festival, Hong Siming, from Hungary, introduced the Spring Fair of Hungry humorously. In the part of tongue twister, Pei Guili, from South Korea, won the first prize because of her fluent Chinese, and Huang Qiushui, from Vietnam, the second.

The party reached its climax during the talent show. Quan Jingru and Yuan Fang, from the Graduate Students Union, recited the poem Light Snow Today by Luo Fu, recalling the beautiful memories related with winter days. Lai Dinson (Wei Feng), from Vietnam, showed his great talent of calligraphy, and the Chinese characters he wrote down were so professional that the room was filled with warm applause.

At the end of the party, all the participants took a group photo and left their contact information to each other, what’s more, new friend were made through this friendly way. Yu Riqing, from Liaison Department of GSU, said that the success of this party couldn’t be made without every participant’s effort into strengthening the communication of international culture.

At the beginning of the freshmen enrollment, College of Humanities XMU had have already built the data of international students and set up the Wechat Group in order to help them to solve the problems from their study and life, such as course-choosing and credit-earning and so on. The advanced notion of education and the spirit of the humanistic care of our college were conveyed through these heart-warming ways. International students were also seen in other activities, such as the Welcome Party for freshmen, and University Sports Meet. Thanks to their participant, our college won the fourth prize of 4X400m and the sixth prize of 4X100m in the University Sports Meet of XMU this year.

The Solstice Day Party for International Students is just one of the activities held for international students by College of Humanities XMU which are good opportunities for them to learn and understand the Chinese traditional culture, what’s more, the spirit of the humanistic care of our university can be conveyed to them through this platform.